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Al Qadeer Engineering Works LLC Dubai

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CNC Work | Casting | Compressors | Hyd-cylinders | Overhandling | Valves

Company Profile

Al Qadeer Engineering Profile

Al-QADEER ENGINEERING WORKS (LLC) brings 3 decades of experience in the field of Mechanical Engineering Design Solutions. It has gained recognition through creative problem solving methods, innovative and cost effective engineering techniques to meet Customer's satisfaction. AQ ENGINEERING is determined to provide reliable, durable and long term solutions of high standards in various aspects of Mechanical Engineering.

AQ ENGINEERING is known for its SERVICES in the area of CASTING, MACHINING, FABRICATION, Maintenance, Repairing, Re-Conditioning, and THERMAL METAL SPRAYING of all sorts of Technical Machinery & Auto Parts. It is also providing quality repair and life enhancing services for Major Industrial, Commercial, and Public Utility Equipments.

Our staff attending the repairing and reconditioning works and back-up services are well trained and experienced. They have been Supported by a Complete Range of Machinery such as, Light/Heavy Duty Lathe Machines, Surface Grinders, Cylindrical Grinders, AMC Vertical Engine-Block Boring, Milling, and Shaper Machines.

Thermal Metal Spraying Technology adds to the services we provide at AQ ENGINEERING. Our Thermal Coating Department is Equipped with SULZER METCO Tech. Restoration of dimensions for worn out component parts and anti-corrosion protection for steel structures such as, bridges, girders, and steel frames are main jobs carried out using this technique.

AQ ENGINEERING has also made its mark by contributing in the field of Metal Fabrication. New making or repair of damaged links and members for all sorts of heavy machinery, Fabrication of steel structural members for buildings, warehouses etc,

Machine Component Fabrication for industrial units, and Fabrication of storage tanks are the main focus for Fabrication at our premises. Our Well- trained Welders with Specialized Welding Equipments like TIG, Pulse MIG, & DC Welding Machines make sure that the welding of structures meets the worldwide welding standards.

AQ ENGINEERING has a number of Conventional Crucible Furnaces to produce Technical & Machinery parts from ferrous and Non-Ferrous Sand Casting.

Last but not the least, at AQ ENGINEERING, QUALITY of finished parts takes the top priority. Under close monitoring by our supervisors, it is ensured that whether it is the Casting or Machining of Metal parts or Fabrication of heavy machinery members or structures, it is done with close tolerances to the specified sizes and standards.

The above detailed description of the services provided at AQ ENGINEERING depicts our Vision and our Motto. Our mission is to strive to become the best quality providers of engineering services at competitive prices in the region fulfilling customer's need and satisfaction.

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