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Al Mureed Building Material Trading LLC Dubai

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Birds Spike | Bubble Roll | Carton Stapler Pin | Corrugated Roll | Drum Cap Sealing Tool | Foam Roll | Metal Strap Machine | Sealing Machine | Stretch Film | Velcro Tape

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About The Company

Al Mureed Building Materials Trading LLC was founded in the year of 2000, with a vision to cater the building material industry in Dubai UAE. At inception the vision and guiding principle for doing business were set by an inspired leadership team who had arrived in the gulf region in 1954.

Principles of Honesty and Commitment to deliver Quality products have been a hallmark and USP for us. We cater to MEPs, Contractors, Furniture industries, wholesale and retail trading for all kinds of Building Materials and Packaging products.

We are premiere distributors for CORDSTRAP brand of packaging solutions - a market leader in this field. Our team of experienced sales staff are always at hand to offer practical solutions for any of our customers logistic cargo handling needs with product imports from wide range of countries.

In 2008 we diversified into the Sharjah region and formed a company NOOR Al Ibdaa Building Materials Trading. Within a short span of time supported by timely supply and quality products , we are now established as a brand loyalty for NOOR brand of packaging products such as Masking tapes, Duct tapes and Bopp tapes.

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