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Al Mubasheri Advocates & Legal Consultant Dubai


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Company Profile

The firm provides a broad

The firm provides a broad range of legal services, which aim to offer comprehensive business oriented legal recommendations and solutions to its local and international clients. Its lawyers dedicate their time, knowledge and technical abilities not only to support clients in UAE and abroad but also to recommend solutions which assist them to successfully deal with the challenges of the contemporary business.
The Firm team is composed of attorneys, legal consultants trained in various jurisdictions, with an international mindset and a commitment to delivering high quality legal advice to top international clients. our attorneys and legal consultants are able to undertake work in a variety of languages.
Almubasheri's structure is divided into several departments working in parallel in order to approach the best and unique service for our clients. These departments are:
- Corporate and Commercial Registrations.
- Department, Legal Consultation Department.
- Litigation and Disputes Department.
- Real Estate Services Department.
- Professional Legal Translation Department.
But more importantly, our strength comes from our clients' trust that we will give them the quality of service that they deserve. It's our business to find creative and commercial legal solutions whilst focusing on making the law work for you. And as a result, our lawyers are involved in many of the most influential commercial ventures and are known for providing clients with pioneering solutions to the toughest legal challenges. This, above all, explains why we remain a leader in its field.

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