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Al Mayar Electrical and Control Services LLC Sharjah


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Lighting Protection | Panel Board Assembly

Company Profile

About The Company

Al Mayar Electrical & Control Services L.L.C. is located in the Emirates of Dubai U.A.E is one of the modest Low Voltage Electrical Design and Contracting company in the region specialized in the Industrial, Oil and Gas and Commercial sectors.

It was established to provide its best quality Service and products for construction, residential, Commercial and industrial sectors in GCC

From a small group with great ambitions, Al Mayar Group has successfully proven its reputable track records over last 18 years.

Al Mayar Electrical & Control Services L.L.C expands its vision and Mission in providing best services and catering the projects with the Best quality products inside and outside of the country.

Al Mayar Group has its Head office in Oman, established in 1990 has expanded to various sectors and achieved a great success with its Quality products and Services.

AL Mayar Electrical & Control Services L.L.C continues its tradition with its electrical solutions to the Customer's satisfaction.

Vision & Mission

Al Mayar Electrical & Control Services LLC is committed to provide the best Quality services up to the customer's satisfaction and safe working practices at all times. Timely completion of the contracts is achieved through a team of highly trained and experienced qualified engineers, professional technicians and supporting staff in accordance with the local and international standards

The organization is committed to prevent accidents, pollution and provides safe working environment to safeguard the interest of its employees, valued clients and the community at large extent. The management of Al Mayar electrical & Control Services LLC shall be responsible and accountable at all levels of works carried out by the organization.

Al Mayar Electrical & Control Services LLC will continue to improve its quality and performance by adopting, implementing and upgrading to the new ideas, technology and quality standards in our designated field.

The management and employees of Al Mayar Electrical &Control Services LLC will Practice and adhere to the company's Quality Policy and Mission Statement

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