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Al Mawrid Heavy Equipment Trading LLC Sharjah

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Forklift Parts | Forklift Rental | Forklift Repair

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AL MAWRID HEAVY EQUIPMENT TRADING LLC was established in the 1987 with the vision of providing complete forklift solutions to customers who require high quality material handling equipment at cheaper prices. Our experienced team has immense experience and expertise to cater quality solutions to any material handling need. Located in the business hub of UAE we can reach you at the earliest and in no time.

1. Authorised distributors of TEU forklifts for MiddleEast region.
2. High quality Reconditioned forklift Sales (ALL MAKES) to ensure customer satisfaction.
3. OEM parts supplies and backup.
Supply of Forklift HIGH QUALITY OEM parts which include Engine parts, Transmission parts, Chassis parts, Electrical parts, Hydraulic parts, Brake Parts, Forklift attachments (CLAMPS, SIDE SHIFTS, GRABS etc.) and Miscellaneous Items.
4. Material handling and Forklift Rentals.
All type of forklifts (Diesel/Petrol/LPG and Electric) of Various Capacities available for LONG TERM RENTALS.
5. Forklift Repairs and Services.
We have an experienced team of technicians available to attend and resolve any forklift issues encountered in any forklift of any capacity. The team works in coordination to ensure complete customer satisfaction on completion of the job. On site repair works service is also available

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