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Al Karam Industrial Chemical Trading LLC Sharjah


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Chrome Plating | Electro less Nickel Plating | Gold Plating | Metal Cleaning | Metal Treatment | Plating Chemicals | Precious metal plating

Company Profile

Al Karam Industrial Chemicals Trading

Al Karam Industrial Chemicals Trading LLC Suppliers of all types of Industrial chemicals, electroplating chemicals, degreasers, alkaline copper, acidic copper, antique, bright nickel, bright chrome, haard chrome, elctroless nickel, zinc, surface treatment chemicals before phosphating, powder coating, gold, silver, rhodium, platinum, platinized titanium anodes of all sizes, electro phorotic lacquer, plating on plastic, precious metals and alloys for jewellery, dental ceramics and alloys, plating equipments, tanks, heaters, filters, rectifiers ...etc

Our Mission
To reach to the utmost customer satisfaction and expectation in superior quality, delivery and cost through continuous improvement and customer interaction. Sincere, Humane and Honest effort in the path of achieving our Goal. The great thing in the World is not so much where we stand, as in what direction we are moving.

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