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Company Profile

About the Company

Al Huraiz group of companies was founded by Mr. Hamad Mohammed Al Huraiz in the year 1974, through the manufacturing of water heaters firm. Under the leadership Mr. Abdulla Al Heraiz as Managing Director and Mr. Huraiz Al Heraiz as Director, it has grown into one of the top leading family-owned diverse business groups in Dubai.

The company incorporates modern automated manufacturing facilities in all its production centers. It has a dedicated team of over 500 employees consisting of managers, engineers, and technicians working as a single large family to safeguard the standards of the company striving for the success of the group. It is located in Industrial Area 6 of Dubai, UAE.

Products and Services Offered

Al Huraiz's business interests include manufacturing of water heaters, aluminum utensils, LPG & Freon gas cylinders, LPG cylinder bottling, Industrial Automation, Steel fabrication, Water Heaters, Manufacturing of corrugated cartons, Real estate activities & General Trading. Its EVERHOT brand of water heaters is the most popular in Dubai since 1974. The EVERHOT water heaters come in various models such as EVERHOT Glass-lined, EXCEL & CENTOUR with a capacity ranging between 30 to 100 liters.

Its EVERBRIGHT aluminum division is responsible for manufacturing household cookware from high-grade aluminum with a purity of 99.7%. EVERBRIGHT incorporates the latest state of the art CNC, PLC machines to bring out the finest workmanship.

The Universal Gas Establishment of the company is located in Sharjah and manufactures LPG and FREON gas cylinders. The company has a full-fledged manufacturing facility with all testing facilities under one roof. Also, it has a modern LPG bottling division that is equipped with the modern carousel and conveyor system with an automatic leakage testing facility. It has a capacity of 2000 cylinder fillings per day and serves the bulk supply carriers in the whole of UAE.


The Al Huraiz Group of Companies is ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certified. It has grown three folds since its inception and now stands as a leading group diversifying into a wide range of business activities.

The company exports its products to the various parts of the GCC, Africa, and former Russian countries. It has a dedicated website to cater to these international customers and for providing complete information on the products. Al Huraiz Est. is on a continuous drive to improve the quality of life by providing innovative products and live up to
customer expectations. The company's future course is set towards acquiring a total quality management system.

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