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Al Ghadi Mechanical LLC Sharjah

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Hydraulic Cylinders | Hydraulic Pump & Accessories | Manufacturer of Control Panels | Manufacturer of Fire Pump Skid | Manufacturer of Flusing Rigs

Company Profile

Al Ghadi Mechanical LLC Profile

Al Ghadi is lead by young technocrats with its highly motivated team of professionals, today is a force to reckon with the fields of hydraulics. Our company policy is satisfaction & Growth through customer service, product quality & Innovation, Al Ghadi Enjoys high level of Confidence from its customers. Continuous quest for innovation & for taking of challenges as resulted in our strong design & development capabilities. With the help of design & testing facilities, we are distinction of developing new components and systems.
Al Ghadi is master in following jobs:
1) Production of Hydraulic & Pneumatic cylinders.
2) Hydraulic power packs & test rigs.
3) Design & Development of hydraulic special purpose machines.
4) Repair & Maintenance of cranes, shovels & mobile equipments.
5) Troubleshooting & service of hydraulic pump & accessories
6) Repairs & maintenance of hydraulic pump and accessories
7) Piping and flushing of industrial/ marine hydraulic systems
8) Fabrication of hydro-pneumatic cabinets and control panels
9) Supply & service of hydraulic & Pneumatic components
10) Supply & service of oil-field equipments
Al Ghadi is more than delighted to welcome all customers enquiries. Our entire teams of dedicated professionals are standing by to render assistance. Customers from the Middle East and Asia all over are to certain to get the best service.

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