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Al Fanan Mutamyez Elect & Sanitary Ware LLC Sharjah

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Adhesives | Plumbing | Sealants | Valves

Company Profile

Al Fanan Mutamyez Elect & Sanitary Ware LLC Profile

The Company was established in 2013 to service the emerging UAE construction market. has grown to one of the largest distributor, retailer and wholesaler of building materials in the Middle-East. The growth can be credited to our philosophy of putting the customers first. We know that our success is not made from the quick sale but from the development of a relationship with our customers. Continually our customers look to us for fair and competitive pricing, fast and efficient service, and knowledgeable product advice. The commitment, energy, and talent of our employees are our greatest asses.
Over the years, the company has grown dramatically and expanded its portfolio of products. Our experienced Engineers provide accurate solutions, backed by dedicated, reliable Service and Logistics Teams. Together, they ensure that Customers are delivered the right product with the right quality at the right time. Our slogan "Inspire & Empower to Build" signifies our drive towards conservation of resources. The company is now poised for sharp growth with its dynamic teams located strategically throughout the UAE.

Established in UAE in 2013.
Experience in Valves, Plumbing Products, Pipes & Fittings, Pipe Isolators & fit outs, etc.
Office, Showroom, & Warehousing Facilities
Leaders in Mechanical products (PICV Valves, Connect 4 Valves), Plumbing products, Electrical Products, Oil & Gas Products

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