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Al Bahri Dental & Orthodontic Center Abu Dhabi

Al Bahri Dental & Orthodontic Center Branches


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Dental Implants | Orthodontist | Teeth Whitening

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About The Company

The Al-Bahri Dental and Orthodontic Center started at its inception as the Al-Bahri Dental Clinic in 1978, and is known as one of the first licensed clinics serving Al-Ain city and the surrounding suburbs in the Emirate of Abu-Dhabi. This early start began with the rise of the United Arab Emirates in all aspects and particularly in the field of healthcare, where we felt a substantial responsibility towards our community by offering the utmost work ethic, morality and loyalty. Our practice began at a time where a particular need to create awareness of oral hygiene and general health within our community was critical.

Our Mission
To provide the best dental treatments through state-of-the-art facilities, and provide for our patients, not only top tier dental care but also an incredible experience.

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