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Al Badr Al Tamam Hardware Trading Sharjah


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Core Bits | Cutting Disc | Drill Bits | Gloves | Paint Brush | SDS Paint Mixer Bits | Silicon | Spanners

Company Profile

About The Company

Al Badr Al Tamam Trading has been established in 2008, Since then it has earned the reputation of being a reliable Hand Tools dealer and supplier in the Middle East.

Our Constant efforts at creating optimum quality, Together with maximum availability of our products has helped us provide our esteemed customers with increase productivity at reduced tooling costs.

Alltech tools are known Specialist in the field of

1. Cutting and Grinding Tools
2 Hand Tools
3. Drilling Tools
4. Measurement Tools
5. Precision Tools
6. Power Tools
7. Garage Tools
8. PVC Garden Hose
9. Gum Boots

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WhatsApp us on +971564117152