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Al Awazil Technical Industries LLC Ajman

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Cladding Assembly Accessories | Cold Stores | Sandwich Pannels | Skylight Structures | Trim Flashes | Z & C Purlins

Company Profile

Al Awazil Technical Industries LLC Profile

Al Awazil Technical Industries LLC. is a Ajman based company which specializes in the design and manufacturing in the field of Cladding Sheets and Insulated Panels. Al Awazil Technical Industries LLC. operates its business from a very modern and well developed production facility, located at Ajman New Industrial Area.
The Companys product range includes Wall Cladding Sheets, Roof Cladding Sheets, Curved Cladding Sheets, Flashing Sheets, Sandwich Panels, Flat Panels and Cold Store Panels.
The Company employs a team of highly skilled and experienced professionals to maintain the highest level of Quality control procedures as well as the health and safety policies resulting in high quality products and ensuring complete customer satisfaction. With its extensive experience, the company is in a unique position to offer the clients comprehensive and tailored solutions for their above requirements. Needless to mention the goodwill of the firm which is enjoying nearly 100% repeat customer rate.

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