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Al Arz Refrigeration Equipment Trading Company LLC Sharjah


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Company Profile

Al Arz Refrigeration Equipment Trading Company LLC Profile

Al Arz Refrigeration Kitchen Equipment trading Co., LLC is one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of stainless steel custom-made kitchen furnishing, chillers and freezers in the United Arab Emirates.
Established in 1995, Al Arz has built its reputation on experience and technical skill in providing quality stainless steel kitchen products. Al Arz Manufactures a complete range of stainless steel furnishing according to design and specific needs of every customer.
We have combined our talents and long years of experience in fabrication to conform to the high standard of workmanship for Total customer satisfaction.
Taking our pride from our long list of customers and clients, Al Arz have been a working partner in building kitchens of some of the well known restaurants, hotels, villas, and palaces in the Emirates and outside the region.
Our factory is located at the Industrial Area 3 in Sharjah where it is very much accessible to our clients coming from any part of the region in the Emirates.

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