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Al Aqsa Woodworking Tools Sharjah

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About the Company

Al Aqsa Woodworking Tools is one of the leading suppliers of world-class woodworking tools in the UAE and neighboring regions. The company has been servicing this industry since 1998. The company is headquartered in Sharjah and has a sales presence in Jordan too. Al Aqsa aims to supply international brands in hardware and electrical equipment to its UAE customers to ensure the industries work at par with the world in terms of quality and precision. It all started with one collaboration, and today this company is the sole dealer for more than five internationally-acclaimed product chains.

Al Aqsa Woodworking tools has a qualified team that can solve any doubt you may have regarding the cutting tools. You can also get customized cutting tools for your projects if needed.

Products and Services Offered

At Al Aqsa Woodworking tools, you can get any cutting tools and machines that you may need for your manufacturing project. Al Aqsa's commitment to providing international standard products in the UAE market has made them a leading hardware and electrical equipment supplier in the woodworking niche.

Some of the brands dealt with by the company are Witox, Garniga, Ekamant, Keil, Leut, IMS, G3, Stark, and Klein. Each of these brands has their specialties, and you can contact the Al Asaq team to find the one best suited for you.

Witox is a German brand that supplies the best-quality circular saw blades, diamond tools, cutters, drill bits in UAE. Every equipment is tested for standard compliance and safety protocols set forth by the authorities. Ekamant is a Swedish brand present all over the world. Their coated abrasives are found to be the best in the market, and Al Aqsa is their sole dealer in the UAE regions. If you are looking for standard carpenter tools like mortise chains, you cannot go wrong with Keil. Their Mortise chain, mortise chain gear, and tandem mortise chain gear are the best in the market. Al Aqsa has a large foothold in the customized tool market because of its association with brands like Leut, IMS, and Stark. You can also get the best woodworking tools from Klein for automatic boring machines and woodworking projects.


Al Aqsa is a highly-valued and recognized supplier in the woodworking industry. The company has time and again delivered to the customers' expectations by supplying products customized to their needs. All Al Aqsa products are backed by their service guarantee and promise of quality that is unmatched to anyone.


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