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Al Abrar Building Material Paints & Electric Ware Trading LLC Sharjah

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About the Company

Al Abrar Building Material Paints & Electrical Ware Trading is a company based in Sharjah since 1996, specialized in providing Total Solutions, Spare parts, Accessories & Professional Services to any market sector (Industrial, Commercial & Residential), We provides Total and Complete solutions in Switchgear, Automations Trading field also we are specialized in Genset Controller and Battery Charger, utilizing some of the industry's finest brands as following:

1. (WAGO GERMANY) One of the top three World Wide Companies in their field Push in Terminal Blocks, Screwless Splicing Connector, PLC, Power Supply, Battery Charger, Signal Conditioner, Relays & Optocouplers.

2. (Deep Sea Electronics UK) One of the world's top manufacturers of generator controllers, auto transfer switch controllers, battery chargers and vehicle & off-highway controllers.

3. (EMAS TURKEY) The Largest Product Manufacturer in Turkey, they have wide range of product such as Pilot light, push buttons, emergency stop, Multi-function timer, motor protection, under voltage, over voltage & phase sequence protection, Thermostat, hygrostat, door limit switch, Safety Product, Crane Product, Lift Product, Cable Carriers, Proximity Sensors & Floating Switch.

4. (VTEKE TURKEY) Well Known Manufacturer in Energy Measurement such as Current transformers, Analogue Meters, Digital Meter, Multimeter, Energy Analyzer.

5. (EMKO TURKEY) Specialist in Instrumentation & Process Control such as PID Controller, Temperature Controller, Eco HMI, Humidity & Temperature sensors, Generator set.

6. (LEGRAND) Specialist in electrical and digital building infrastructures 7. (CHINT) Founded in 1984, CHINT is a leading global provider of smart energy solutions

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WhatsApp us on +971564117152