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ADMMI (Abu Dhabi Maritime & Mercantile Intl Co) Abu Dhabi

ADMMI (Abu Dhabi Maritime & Mercantile Intl Co) Branches


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Company Profile

ReliabilityEstablished in 1981 ADMMI is

Established in 1981, ADMMI is a 100% locally owned company providing full services distribution and local market knowledge for major international brands across a wide spectrum of products and services. In addition to a first class logistics operation that proactively manages the movement of product from factory to consumer, ADMMI has a keen strength in its marketing orientation. This is exemplified in ADMMI's capabilities in market and consumer research, brand strategies, trade marketing and sales planning through to effective product promotion, point-of-sales and merchandising activity.
The ADMMI Group draws on over a century of doing business in the Middle East. One of our group companies, Gray MacKenzie & Partners started trading in the region as far back as the middle years of the 19th century. Through this experience ADMMI's solid support and unrivalled market access have helped dozens of world famous brands achieve success in the Gulf. In the process the ADMMI Group has built a valuable reputation for professionalism, integrity, innovation and above all, reliability.

The ADMMI Group primarily comprises five operational areas:

Distribution of FMCG brands
Distribution of Alcoholic Beverages
Industrial Product Supply and Services Installation
Retail and Corporate Travel Services
Internal and 3rd Party Logistics
In all areas of business ADMMI remains true to its mission:
"To be the preferred partner for our principals and customers by providing quality services and products through a well trained and dedicated team".

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