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Abu Dhabi Comml Corp (ADCC) Abu Dhabi

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are some of the prestigious companies who have already chosen ADCC.

Your technical partner.
Competitive pricing due to a high sales volume.
On time delivery.
Since 1974, ADCC has been a major establishment for supplying Electrical, Electronical & Mechanical Equipment and providing services to the Petrochemical Industry. With an extensive product knowledge we are able to proficiently advice our clients helping them select the material best suited to their needs. Our daily c
Providing you the right product from our wide range of manufacturers.
Order & product check to ensure you to get the specified product in time.
Attractive offers due to our low price policy.
With more than 7000 electrical ana lighting product references recorded we can supply wide ranges of items to the Building Industry.ontact wit

Cables fault locating instruments.
Instrumentation cables & power cables.
Telecom cables.
Optical fibre.
Cable markers & accessories.
Cable ties.
Copper terminal.
Insulated terminals & accessories.
Cable joint kits.
Self adhesive tapes & accessories.
Cables glands & accessories.
Flame proof junctions boxes.
Flame proof apperatus & accessories.
All flame proof items.
Weather proof electrical fithing & accessories.
PVC pipes & accessories.
Gl conduit & accessories.
Contactors, relays, switches, push buttons & accessories.
Switch gear, circuit breakers & accessories.
Transformer & accessories.
Earthing protection accessories.
All types of lamps (miniatures & glass lamps).
Flu tubes, fittings & accessories.
Light fittings & accessories.
All types of batteries (ordinary & Ni. cadtmeum).
Tools & accessories.

Spare parts for all type of generators, motors, etc...
All type of electric & electronic components.
Instrument panel.
Purge system.
Sampling system.
Measuring equipments & accessories.
Ultrasonic flowmeters.
Tools & accessories.

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