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Abdul Rahim Architectural Consultants Dubai

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Company Profile

Abdul Rahim Architectural Consultants Profile

Abdul Rahim Architectural Consultants is considered One of the leading Engineering Consultants in design, supervision and project management in the UAE, (ARACO) has industry experience spanning over thirty years. A diversified portfolio covers a number of successful developments, including residential buildings and villas, commercial buildings, hospitals, and industrial projects.
With strict compliance to local and international construction standards and a strong belief in transparent business ethics, ARACO maintains strong client loyalty and establishes strong, new relationships. ARACOs diverse, multicultural team conceptualizes creative, efficient designs that are robust and adaptable, requiring minimum maintenance, while maximizing lifespan and long-term customer satisfaction.
ARACO provides engineering consulting services including the following:

Architectural Engineering
Mechanical Engineering Plumbing Engineering Consultancy
Structural Engineering
Interior Design
Urban Design
Project management

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