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Aamirhsouri Consultants Dubai


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Business Consultancy | Feasibility Study | Growth strategy and planning | Human Resource Management

Company Profile

Aamirhsouri Consultants

In a fast paced business environment, you must have a professional and knowledgeable team by your side for you to reach the goals of your business. AMIRHSOURI's whole team will help your business grow by delivering the highest quality solution to the pain points of your business.

Our cost effective service and solutions helps businesses to be at their best in this highly challenging business environment. We are committed to give you prompt service with tailored fit solutions to optimize and maximize the potential of your business. We are dedicated in developing strategies to accelerate the growth of your business even in a very competitive environment.

Our Dubai based reputable and experienced team members will make sure that the business will function and grow by implementing proper tools and guidance. We will work hand in hand with your team to understand the business challenges, the workforce, the management's priorities that will lead in reaching its goals.

The services we are offering includes the items below:

International Business Set up Consultation
International Marketing Consultation
International transportation and customs clearance consultation
International Trading and Negotiation Consultation
Human Resource Management Consultation
Business Consultancy
Feasibility Study Consultation
Growth Strategy and Planning Consultation
Project Management Consultation
Company Organization Restructuring Consultation
Supply Chain Management
Idea Evaluation
Product Costing and Setting Up Selling Price for Products
Budgeting and Forecasting
Pricing Strategy
Business Coaching
Customer Relation Management
Business Operation - Process Flows
Practical Tips to Increase Sales
Setting Up Sales Target
Automating your business
Software and CRM consulting
Human Resource Planning and Assessment
Organization Policy and Procedure
Job Description
Advertising Consultation

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