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A-Test Group Sharjah


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Environment Control System | Project Management

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About The Company

Al Arabiah Pipeline Testing Services LLC is commenced in 2002 with NDT Inspections and Quality Services. Further it established up APTS inspection services at Dubai with Quality Consulting , Engineering and Destructive Testing services. We set off a branch , Al Arabiah Pipeline Testing services LLC for Abu Dhabi operations as well in 2007.

With pride these three are amalgamated as a-test group to establish our quality and value added services successively for better results to our esteemed clients who are in oil & gas , petrochemical , power desalination , engineering & construction , marine & shipping , on-shore & off-shore contracts and government sectors in middle east and india across the globe . We prove ourselves through dedicated , qualified , highly experienced and energetic teams.

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WhatsApp us on +971564117152