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A S Controls Private Limited India


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Company Profile

ASControls was established in 1986

A.S.Controls was established in 1986, and started out as a small unit that developed level controls and valves for ammonia plants. Today, we boast of technological innovation that puts us in the forefront of the refrigeration and air-conditioning control industry in India. We have two established brands - Castle and Subzero, both of whom have grabbed the attention, and the loyalty of several industry giants like Blue Star, Kirloskar , Reliance and others. Our strength comes from industry experience, and more importantly, our in-house R&D team that works round the clock to keep us ahead.Each brand has its own core technical team, and borrows specific talents from a common pool. Our approach to everything is lean and efficient. Which is how we manage to run a successful R&D team, core technical team, marketing staff, production, administration all with a low head count.
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