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AstralPool, a prominent swimming pool brand, is at the forefront of offering comprehensive solutions for constructing, renovating, and maintaining residential and commercial pools, water parks, spas, and wellness centers. With nearly 50 years of expertise, AstralPool boasts a catalog encompassing a wide array of water control and conduction products, pumps, filters, cleaning accessories, air conditioning equipment, and disinfection chemicals of top-notch quality.

Boasting a global presence, AstralPool serves over 40,000 professionals and caters to the needs of approximately 2,000,000 pools with its extensive range of 15,000 products. The brand has established a robust distribution network, reaching more than 170 countries directly through Fluidra's subsidiaries. In the UAE, AstralPool has a significant presence, with numerous suppliers and dealers offering their products, ensuring accessibility and convenience for customers in locations like Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

AstralPool's commitment to innovation is evident in its product range, which includes variable speed pumps, centrifugal pumps, heat pumps, pool lining materials, and water treatment equipment. The brand's international reputation as a generalist brand in residential and commercial swimming pool systems and components further solidifies its position as an industry leader. The brand's dedication to excellence and cutting-edge solutions continues to make it a preferred choice in the realm of swimming pool equipment.

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