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General Electric Suppliers & Distributors in Abu Dhabi

general electric suppliers in UAE

General Electric (GE), a global innovation leader, has deeply rooted itself in the Middle East & North Africa (MENA), contributing to transformative advancements. Operating with global diversity and unwavering commitment, GE's MENA team aligns with national priorities, illuminating homes, supporting healthcare, and facilitating safe air travel. In the UAE, GE stands tall with its Jebel Ali Service Center in Dubai, a hub of innovation spanning 3,800 sqm. This center, equipped with cutting-edge technology, reflects GE's commitment to powering homes and industries in the region.

GE's Aerospace and Vernova branches in the UAE spearhead a new era, defining the future of flight and advancing the energy transition with innovation deeply ingrained in their DNA. Beyond Dubai, GE Gas Power remains a prominent energy solutions provider in the Middle East, lighting up millions of homes. GE's impact extends to Abu Dhabi, where authorized distributors and resellers contribute to the region's energy landscape. GE's commitment is further evident through partnerships, as seen in collaborations with Emirates and initiatives like the Animation Module in FlightPulse software. In essence, GE continues to shape the future in the UAE, seamlessly integrating innovation into the fabric of everyday life, solidifying its position as a vital contributor to progress in the region.

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