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Painters Equipment & Supplies Brand Description

  • Phone +971-4-8847344
  • Fax +971-4-4
  • Box No. 93716
  • Emirate Dubai
  • Area Dubai Investment Park
  • Location Dubai Investment Park-2, Near Lulu Warehouse, ...
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Painters Equipment & Supplies

Painting the newly constructed building or just re-painting the old walls needs quality painting materials. Re-painting is also similar to fresh coating of paints. It transforms the whole room in the office, home, factory or any building. There are a number of companies in Dubai that deal in painters’ equipment & supplies which are used by painters. These equipments and supplies make the job of a painter more productive. Painters are also known as painting artists who may be working individually as freelancers or contractors for companies. Painters and contractors can find all the equipments in the Emirates required for painting work.

Painters’ equipment & supplies include brushes, rollers, compressors, ladders, caulk & sealants, faux finishing, paint, primer & stain, pain removal, paint sprayers, drop cloths & rags, sandpaper & steel wool, exterior stain & water sealer, masking tape & paper, paint pails & tools, roof or foundation coatings and wallpaper accessories. The UAE based companies can provide the complete painting solution along with all the painting accessories required for the paint work. While painting, it is not just the coating of painting which is needed but sometimes there are some holes or cracks in the walls too that are required to be filled. Around the doors or windows as well, there can be some cracks to be filled for which masking tapes can be applied that make the rough spots smooth and the edges clean in appearance.

Choosing quality paint is important because applying the right paint is long lasting. At the same time, right tools and equipments should be available that can be well used to appropriately coat the walls in an organized way. For example, if the painters use step ladders, they find it convenient enough to reach out to all the access points which are otherwise unreachable. Using the effective painting equipments also speed up the process of painting and make the painters more productive. The paining contractors can buy the painters’ equipment & supplies for the painters they hire to finish the contract work with their customers and can use the same equipments and supplies again and again for every consignment. This saves money  needed to invest in buying new equipments as well as time required to find the right supplies. Thus, purchasing the painting equipment and supplies is actually long time investment that provides good return on investment for a long period of time. After usage of the paint equipments, cleaning and washing them make them ready to be used for the next work.

Some of the typical painting equipments and supplies include conventional paint guns, advance HD compliance guns, professional spray equipment, pressure feed containers, paint brush, electrical spray machine, pneumatic airless painting systems, internal pipe blasting and coating system, air-cooled after coolers and so on. Apart from this, there are also paint inspection gauges or testing equipments used in the painting industry such as adhesion tester, temperature & humidity tester, coating thickness gage, concrete testing equipments and many more. Dealers in the Emirates distribute a complete range of such wonderful equipments and supplies used in the painting industry all across the Middle East, India and other countries as well.


The painting equipments and tools are not only used for applying the coat but before and after painting as well. When it comes to removing the old paint, it needs equipments to properly clean the walls and wash them well. To apply the paint which is reliable and long lasting, quality equipments such as portable paint spray equipment, paint coating equipments, air blast paint equipments, plural component equipment and other painting accessories are needed. Purchasing the robust and supreme quality equipments and supplies would make it easy to apply the paint which is even easier to maintain and remove when required.  

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