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Foil & Foil Products

Aluminium foil is aluminium prepared in very thin metal leaves with a thickness < 0.2 mm; thinner gauges down to 6 micrometers are also generally used. The foil is pliable and can be easily wrapped or bent around objects. Thin foils are delicate and are sometimes laminated to many other materials such as paper or plastics to make them more useful. Foil supplanted tin foil in the mid of 20th century.

UAE's premier foil & foil laminates dealers or distributors in different variants laminated, plain, lacquered and printed which are utilized for several packaging applications. They have modern and well-equipped facilities across UAE. These state of the art foil rolling facilities contain the modern technology and give a broad range of quality foils up to a thickness of six micron. Aluminum foil containers are the most various packaging solutions available in today markets. It combines the features House Foils (Besides, domestic consumption, Cafeterias, Hotels, Airlines, Railways, Canteen, Coffee Shops etc), Laminated Lids (These are free from wrinkles & any air piping whatsoever), Foil Lined Bags (These are for retaining the freshness & heat of cooked food), Chocolate Foils (Chocolate Foil & Candy Foil), Foil Round Seals and etc. Products includes Foil Containers, Chocolate Foils, Laminated Lids, House Foils, Pharma Foils, Foil Lined Bags, Foil Round Seals, Golden & Silver Board, Hookah Aluminium Foil, Aluminium Bottle-Neck Labels, Laminated Foil / Mewa Bites Wrapper, Gutkha Packing Foils, Shoe Polish Lids and etc. UAE leading Foil & Foil Products manufacturers engaged in designing & manufacturing of chemically complex multi layer transferable coatings, Foils, Films and Laminates. They hold specialization in providing security base materials & variety of Packaging Materials, Graphic Grade Foils and Films which are used in the packaging manufacturing for premium branded products. Further, their products also help in getting brand enhancements and awareness for various industries like Label, Corrugation, and Security printing, Graphic & Pharmaceutical decorative. Their business operations are backed up by broad market knowledge and commitment to research and development. The fine combination of technical skills, creative expertise and capability to supply customized solutions has served us to reach big reputations as the leading companies name in the industries. They stand self dependent and one of the most technically large companies from UAE in its field. They are now engaged in developing several coatings & cost good customer focused solutions by using latest technologies and manufacturing practices that are also the main initiatives taken by the company to manufacture of develop best quality packaging materials. The company uses high end processes to ensure best quality control at every developing stage of foil varieties made available by them. Their philosophy is to invest heavily in latest technology and people in order to provide creative, sophisticated and innovative Foil & Foil Products which enable us to get high quality and make their customers satisfied. They provides an exclusive range of printed packaging material for pharmaceutical & food industry which includes Blister foil, Strip foil, Aluminium Foils, Alu Alu Foil, Household foil, Aluminium Paper Foil, Aluminium foil Container, Foil Lined Bags, Stretch Film, Shrink Film, Lidding Foil, Laminates, Hairdressing Aluminium Foil and etc. These flexible packaging materials are manufactured using state of the art solutions which includes modern machines & process facilities. They also provide packaging products with best level of quality which has established their company as a leader in domestic & international packaging industry.

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