9 hardware tools and equipment you should have at your home

From carpentry works to attaching a photo frame to the wall in your living room, you need nails, screwdrivers, hammers, chisels, screws, bolts and nuts, and so many other tools. These are very common, and you can find them in almost every household. But the question is, do you have these? If you aren’t yet aware of the hardware tools you need at home, the following discussion will help you choose the best objects. Besides, this walkthrough will give you a heads-up about how to make a complete toolkit that you can use for almost any type of work without any worry.


Pliers are great for temporarily attaching two or more objects when you are buying in doing something else. For example, needle nose pliers are the most common tools you need to cut wires, twist any insulated pipe, remove the outer wire insulation, etc.

Pocket knives

Pocket knives are used in various applications, from cutting paper or string to scissors and small hand saws with serrated blades. As a result, the number of components in pocket knives will vary from one product to the other. So, before you make a purchase, ensure to check if the knife has all requirements or not.


It is crucial to understand how tapes play a crucial role in woodworking or any other type of hardware element; duct tapes are used to tie many things together, while double-ended tapes can keep two things attached without the use of any fastener. Sometimes, you will also come across masking tapes needed during painting.


Saws are much stronger than knives and are usually used to cut different types of wood, from hardwood to ply boards. They came in two forms — handsaw and chained saws. In the handsaw, a long metallic blade is connected to the handle. One edge of the saw is serrated so that you can cut through the wood fibers easily, while the other end is plain and smooth. The products are reinforced with a motor in chainsaws, which further drives the chain over the metallic blade.

Electric drill

An electric drill is one of the main hardware tools you must have in your kit without fail. It is used to make holes in walls, metallic bodies, wooden workpieces, and other things. You can easily insert the screws, nuts and bolts, washers, and other fasteners with the hole being created. Apart from this, drills are also used to make different-sized holes in the concerned workpiece. While buying the electric drill, you need to choose the proper bit size based on the cutting edges, cylindrical diameter, and overall length.

Nails and screws

Another class of fasteners is nails and screws. Nails are mainly used in attaching wooden parts, making a hook on walls, mounting anything from the wall, etc. On the other hand, screws attach two parts where the base is thick and can’t be accessed through nuts and bolts. Both nails and screws come in different lengths and thicknesses. You should choose the best hardware tool according to the requirements.


You often have to attach different components like two wooden pieces, a steel plate to a concrete slab, etc. Owing to this, you need special equipment units, called fasteners. They will help you attach different pieces so they won’t come apart anytime soon. The main categories of fasteners are bolts and nuts, washers, and rivets. For instance, you can have anchor bolts, U-shaped bolts, hex nuts, machine screws, wing nuts, nylon insert nuts, flat washers, square plate washers, tooth lock washers, large flange pop rivets, pop rivets, and drive rivets.


Chisels are mainly used to cut wood from an entire workpiece. They come in a wide range of shapes and sizes, but all of them are used for eliminating wooden pieces and getting a rough shape of the workpiece. They also help achieve a smooth surface, different angles, and so on. Some of the most common chisels are stone chisels, mortise chisels, curved chisels, sash chisels, masonry chisels, beveled edge chisels, dovetail chisels, and framing chisels.


Brushes are not just needed to paint your furniture surfaces or walls. Instead, several brushes are used to dust interior electrical parts, clean, dry dust and soot from different objects, remove any debris from the workstations, and perform several other tasks. Since you won’t need the brushes too often, you can choose a plastic set. But if you want the brushes for painting work, a wooden brush set is better.


Since there are so many different hardware tools that you can have, you need to make a wide decision before proceeding further. Yes, it is not easy to select the types of tools you have to buy for the toolkit. But once you grade them based on priority and align them according to your requirements, you can easily work on making a complete checklist about the hardware tools you need.