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3rd Vision Technologies

  • Phone +971-2-4453061
  • Fax +971-2-4453071
  • Box No. 53784
  • Emirate Abu Dhabi
  • Area Muroor Road
  • Location Muroor Rd, Nr Taxi Stand

Aesthetix AV Solutions Technology LLC

  • Phone +971-4-3374755
  • Fax +971-4-3374752
  • Box No. 117362
  • Emirate Dubai
  • Area Karama
  • Location Karama, Bhnd Sana Fashion

Al Zubair Group FZE

  • Phone +971-6-5526121
  • Fax +971-6-5754350
  • Box No. 120660
  • Emirate Sharjah
  • Area Saif Zone
  • Location Saif Zone

Almoe AV Production & Rentals

  • Phone +971-4-8855300
  • Fax +971-4-8855131
  • Box No. 14730
  • Emirate Dubai
  • Area Dubai Investment Park
  • Location Dubai Investment Park 2

Alsayegh Media

  • Phone +971-4-4441000
  • Fax +971-4-4441002
  • Box No. 0
  • Emirate Dubai
  • Area
  • Location Circular Bldg

AMB Electronics LLC

  • Phone +971-4-2395656
  • Fax +971-4-2669216
  • Box No. 64564
  • Emirate Dubai
  • Area Deira
  • Location Riggat Al Buteen, Baniyas Rd, Creek Tower, 11C

Animation Art Production & Post

  • Phone +971-4-3386088
  • Fax +971-4-3385477
  • Box No. 20440
  • Emirate Dubai
  • Area Al Quoz
  • Location Al Quoz, Bhnd Toyota S/Room, Nr Oasis Centre

Arab Radio & Television

  • Phone +971-4-2680222
  • Fax +971-4-2680333
  • Box No. 20830
  • Emirate Dubai
  • Area
  • Location Nr Al Mulla Plaza, Royal House Bldg

Asra International Corporation

  • Phone +971-4-8815530
  • Fax +971-4-8815370
  • Box No. 261508
  • Emirate Jebel Ali
  • Area
  • Location Jebel Ali Free Zone, LOB 7

AV Productions

  • Phone +971-4-3340444
  • Fax +971-4-3340888
  • Box No. 29262
  • Emirate Dubai
  • Area
  • Location Sultan Business Centre, Nr Lamcy Plaza

Broadcast Media Zone

  • Phone +971-4-3914895
  • Fax +971-4-3669614
  • Box No. 37576
  • Emirate Dubai
  • Area Dubai Media City
  • Location Dubai Media City, Bldg 9

CnTel Productions

  • Phone +971-4-3982645
  • Fax +971-4-3257735
  • Box No. 25246
  • Emirate Dubai
  • Area
  • Location

Desertbeat Trading

  • Phone +971-4-2722420
  • Fax +971-4-2734412
  • Box No. 90022
  • Emirate Dubai
  • Area
  • Location Deira, Al Muteena St, Opp Marcopolo Hotel

Fonoon Al Emirates

  • Phone +971-4-3348800
  • Fax +971-4-3348811
  • Box No. 2788
  • Emirate Dubai
  • Area
  • Location Strand Cinema, Umm Hureir R/A

GTC (German Technology Center) FZ LLC

  • Phone +971-4-3681599
  • Fax +971-4-3688036
  • Box No. 74946
  • Emirate Dubai
  • Area Dubai Media City
  • Location Dubai Media City, Al Turraya Tower

Hook Me Up Trading LLC

  • Phone +971-4-3695611
  • Fax
  • Box No. 122694
  • Emirate Dubai
  • Area Business Bay
  • Location Business Bay, Bay Square, Building 12, Office 204

IBC Advertising

  • Phone +971-4-2225167
  • Fax +971-4-2226532
  • Box No. 22219
  • Emirate Dubai
  • Area Deira
  • Location Baniyas St, Development Board Bldg

In The Mix

  • Phone +971-4-3678189
  • Fax
  • Box No. 502221
  • Emirate Dubai
  • Area
  • Location

Innovative Business Communication

  • Phone +971-4-2364786
  • Fax +971-4-2364787
  • Box No. 120472
  • Emirate Dubai
  • Area Deira
  • Location Deira, Near Deira City Centre, Sara Building

Internet Banking Conference

  • Phone +971-4-2722308
  • Fax +971-4-2722309
  • Box No. 113248
  • Emirate Dubai
  • Area Deira
  • Location Deira, Opp Hyatt Regency

Media Movers Inc

  • Phone +971-4-3475369
  • Fax
  • Box No. 44242
  • Emirate Dubai
  • Area
  • Location

Mindloop FZ LLC

  • Phone +971-4-3914111
  • Fax +971-4-3914112
  • Box No. 72280
  • Emirate Dubai
  • Area Dubai Media City
  • Location Dubai Media City, Bldg No 2

Radio Asia

  • Phone +971-4-3491011
  • Fax +971-4-3421387
  • Box No. 31876
  • Emirate Dubai
  • Area Satwa
  • Location Satwa, Lal's S/Mkt Bldg

Rec Media

  • Phone +971-2-6267101
  • Fax +971-2-6267102
  • Box No. 36622
  • Emirate Abu Dhabi
  • Area
  • Location

Satin Audio Visual Systems LLC

  • Phone +971-4-2596216
  • Fax +971-4-259217
  • Box No. 0
  • Emirate Dubai
  • Area Deira
  • Location Deira

Sound Snack

  • Phone +971-4-3958755
  • Fax +971-4-3958755
  • Box No. 0
  • Emirate Dubai
  • Area Al Barsha
  • Location

Studio 52 Arts Production LLC

  • Phone +971-6-5636363
  • Fax +971-6-5636367
  • Box No. 19786
  • Emirate Sharjah
  • Area
  • Location Kuwaiti R/A, Nr Clock Tower, Opp Emarat Petrol Station

Studio 52 Communications Group

  • Phone +971-4-3888296
  • Fax +971-4-3425544
  • Box No. 80752
  • Emirate Dubai
  • Area Jumeirah
  • Location Jumeirah, Jumeirah Terrace, Suite 201

Studio Art

  • Phone +971-4-3688254
  • Fax +971-4-3688253
  • Box No. 44623
  • Emirate Dubai
  • Area Dubai Media City
  • Location Dubai Media City, Shatta Tower

Sun Light & Sound

  • Phone +971-4-3550300
  • Fax +971-4-3550528
  • Box No. 32760
  • Emirate Dubai
  • Area Bur Dubai
  • Location Bur Dubai, Opp Al Musalla Pharmacy
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Audio-Visual Production Services

The UAE companies offer the best audio-visual production services in the world. Audio-visual production is also termed as AV production. It involves both audio and video components. Audio and video production is basically used in cinema, live theatre, slide tape presentation, TV program, video conferencing, web casting and others. The audio and video equipments are used in the field of education, music industry, film industry and others. The AV production companies utilize latest technology for bringing the best results. They have a team of skilled and experienced professionals working in the event management and production industry who can develop creative solutions for the audience.

The audio-visual production services are availed by corporate companies for holding events which enhance their brand value. These services include video production, audio production, safety videos, corporate video production, time-lapse videos, telephone hold message production, promo video production, 3D animation, IVR production and others. Their production equipments can be used for both the indoor and outdoor environment. Latest technology equipments as well as modern digital marketing strategies are involved in producing effective videos and audios required by these companies. Quality output, timely delivery and customer centric approach are the keys to provide satisfactory audio and visual production services.

Complete range of equipments and audio-visual production services at affordable costs are provided by the companies in the United Arab Emirates. Facility of camera, software, editing services, post production services and others are also included. A number of art works are produced using the audio and visual equipments such as films, TV serials, documentaries, corporate films, commercials and others. Sound recording, music composition, audio production, post production, video production and others services are well offered by audio visual production companies to ensure providing complete satisfaction to the clients from start till the end of project.

The audio-visual production services are used by businesses on a variety of occasions such as product launches, corporate meetings, interviews, satellite broadcasts, conferences, special events, indoor exhibits, outdoor exhibits and others. A large number of production services are offered by the UAE companies such as image blending, high end live sound production, video editing, telephonic conferences, video projection, voiceover, multi-track recordings, digital recording, video walls and others. Service providers of audio and visual production also focus on onsite support services, staging, event rentals, technical production, live broadcasting, lighting, cost savings, onsite execution, project management and others.

Award ceremonies, fashion shows, weddings and others are also some of the events where audio-visual production services are utilized. Projectors, LEDs and other quality equipments are used to produce exceptional quality of audio and video. Technological tools and innovative equipments are utilized for high production quality sounds and visuals. Their team of technically savvy and trained staff can execute small to large scale events as well. Irrespective of the venue type, they can ensure rich experience from customer’s end. They can reinforce the sound in a realistic way that can set the right mood for the audience. Their team of professionals has rich experience in producing live sound that satisfies the events and the demanding environments.

Using the lighting system effectively apart from providing quality audio and visual production will further change the whole space of the venue into a remarkable spot for the audience to enjoy and have fun at. Whether the event is to be held in an outdoor area or in a ball room, the audio and visual equipments can fit in the space well to effectively entertain the audience. Setting the stage and planning the event well by preparing at every stage of event execution can make the event a big success among the audience while the exceptional quality of sound and video can make it memorable for the audience.  



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