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Mezbaan Hyderabad Restaurant
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Last updated - 15-Jul-2017
Restaurants Mezbaan Hyderabad Restaurant
  • Phone +971-4-3517863
  • Fax +971-4-3517963
  • Box No.45076
  • Emirate Dubai
  • AreaBur Dubai
  • LocationMusalla St, Opp Al Mansoor Videos
  • Websitewww.mezbaandubai.com


Company Profile

Mezbaan Hyderabad Restaurant Profile
The Mughalai style of cooking of the Asaf Jahi period. By carefully mellowing and nurturing the typical Mughalai flavours with a blend of spices, the cuisine of Hyderabad was born. While there is a certain exotic quality to some of the royal foods, it is also known that a true Hyderabadi will go any where in the world for a well prepared dish, however humble its origin. For a taste of the royal menu, there is a variety of Biryanis (a rice and meat preparation, seasoned with spices and flavourings); Kababs (minced meat cooked in many different styles as Boti, Shammi Kabab, kalmi, Shikampur, Sheek, Lagan-ke-kababs, Dum-ke-kababs); Khormas (cooked in a rich creamy gravy) and Lukhmi (pastry). During the month of Ramzan, one gets to taste Haleem (a pounded wheat and meat preparation).
For those who prefer more homely food, there is Kichri (a rice a lentil preparation); Kheema methi, Nahari, Rumali Rotis (bread as thin as a handkerchief) and Chakna (a spicy dish of meat). For vegetarians there is Bagara Baingan (a rich spicy preparation of aubergines); Mirch-ka-salan(chillies in a creamy gravy); Tomato kut (aromatic puree of tomato with flavourings); and Shahi dahi vadas (lentil dumplings in youghurt sauce). For dessert, one can have a pick from Double-ka-meetha (a bread and cashewnut pudding); Qubani-ka-meetha (stewed apricod dessert); Anday-ka-piyosi (made with eggs, mild, almonds and purified butter); Badam-ki-jhab (marzipan) andDil-e-Firdaus ( a rich, milk-based sweet).
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